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Yachting is a passion, and it is a pleasure to share that passion with the discerning owners and capable superyacht crew who take pride in being part of our team. Valparaiso Yacht Management offers clients a dedicated, confidential, and interactive luxury yacht management program handled by professionals who understand the business side of yachting. As an accredited, ISM-Certified management company, Valparaiso Yacht Management provides shore-based superyacht management services.


Our team includes veteran captains and engineers whose collective experience in yacht project management is unmatched and envied by the competition. We are uniquely positioned to provide a custom, world-class crew and ship management program. Our project management team at Valparaiso is always available to assist and meet the complex demands of yacht ownership. Our response is personal and immediate, and we are committed to exceeding our client’s expectations of luxury yacht management.


Our strength is our experience, and our philosophy is straightforward; enhance the experience of ownership. Safety, security, fiscal responsibility, and confidentiality define Valparaiso Yacht Management.


We believe that every voyage should be as unique as the travelers themselves. Whether you're dreaming of a romantic sunset cruise, an exhilarating water sports excursion, or a tranquil island-hopping journey, we tailor each charter to your desires. Your vision becomes our mission as we craft an itinerary that exceeds your expectations.


Our knowledge and experience allows us to make arrangements to provide Captains and Crew with support and gives invaluable first-hand experience so that they may succeed.

Because of our extensive network of proven contractors, we can supply every resource you could ever need - shipping agents, travel agents, parts suppliers, shipyards, fuel suppliers & more.



We provide a structured system to yachts, to ensure compliance amid the complex world of rules and regulations by which they must operate.

By working with the vessels to maintain existing requirements, we streamline the implementation of any new regulations which come into force.

Our safety management system (SMS) has been developed and is approved by a number of Flag authorities, meeting the requirements of the International Safety Management (ISM) Code. This system can be tailored to suit the specific needs and operational requirements of any individual yacht in the most user-friendly way.

For yachts under 500gt, which are not required to meet the full requirements of the ISM and ISPS codes, we can provide a tailored version, giving peace of mind for the owner and crew


We create a valuable planned maintenance programs tailored to each individual clients needs. A planned maintenance programs typically consist of the following:

Regular Bottom Cleaning

  • We work only with reputable, insured, and licensed divers.

Exterior cleanings

  • The yacht’s topsides will be washed on a biweekly basis

Main engine, generator, gyro, and other mechanical equipment (bi-weekly & monthly)

  • Our proposals do include biweekly starting of main engines, generators, and gyro stabilizer.  Every other week We start the mentioned systems and let them warm up to operating temperature  to ensure oil movement throughout engine interior and prevent corrosion.

  • Once a month the vessel would be taken out for a sea trial and refueled as necessary.


Interior Detailing

  • After careful consideration depending upon the condition of the vessel the yacht’s interior should be detailed at least once a month to maintain it in pristine condition.  This service is included in my management package and will be performed by a professional  yacht stewardess.

Weekly Visits

  • To ensure the yacht is always in tiptop shape we will perform weekly visits that include a  walkthrough the vessel and systems check

Electrical Systems ( AC & DC Power)

  • The on board electrical systems and operating systems of the vessel will be powered and tested on a monthly basis to ensure optimal operation. This service is normally performed the same day  that the sea trial is scheduled but might be subject to change.

Plumbing (Fresh & Saltwater Supply)

  • All systems will be checked on a monthly basis by a licensed Captain to ensure proper maintenance and operation

Support & Consulting

  • As part of your yacht management package, we will be on call to provide support with  the yacht’s operations and logistics to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience for the owners  whether at home port or abroad.

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